Sunday, October 12, 2008

quick life update

Well i know that i am not the best at this blog thing, but after stacy called this morning asking me how Berlin was, i figured it was about time.  With being in school, time  has continued to fly by.  It seemed like yesterday I was down at the beach relaxing, trying to figure out what to do with my life..  I thought about my options and came with two ideas.  First, after graduation in may I would pursue a life in Law Enforcement.  Second, the idea of working at a golf  course, face it, I love golf.  After a fun summer with the Millers, thanks again, I headed back to logan with hopes it will be my last year as a student.  I received a job working for the USU Police Station as a security officer for the campus.  Its a fun but often boring job.  We walk around kicking people out of buildings and locking up rooms.  I guess the most exciting part is finding out which buildings are haunted, yes haunted, stories available upon request.  Learning most of the 10 codes and the phonetic alphabet had me excited to work towards the Secret Service.  I  have talked with dads friend and discussed the route to take and the pros and cons of the service.  And to be honest it isn't something i see myself doing.
Which brings me to my plan, which i know all of you are dying to know.  After graduation I will be attending the golf academy in Arizona.  I love golf and everything that is involved with that industry so it only makes since.  I had played with that idea for awhile and after Ma, Pa, and I went to Arizona, well lets just say i got excited for golf again.  Well that is a quick update for me and my life.  Yes I am still single, Yes I would like to date someone and Yes I have no clue how to spice up my blog... love ya guys and thank you for all of your examples..